A Look Back at the 2014–2015 Program Year

“We had some terrific programming and networking events this year,” according to STC/SM Vice President Sharon McDonnell. I concur.

The mix of networking and programming events seemed to work well, especially as the networking events were hosted by people from the areas where the events were held, so our Programs Manager could concentrate on programs. 

Council Activities

We experimented with planning the year out at our August 2014 meeting, with greater detail for the 2014 portion and fewer for the 2015 portion. We succeeded at avoiding mid-winter snowy treks to Council meetings, and there seemed to be less scrambling as event dates came up.

We certainly saved gas.

Several Council members hosted networking events at various southeastern Michigan venues, submitted job postings to our members’ listserv, and wrote articles for our newsletter/blog.

Executive Council.

As President, I have a few thank yous. Thank you to

  • Sharon McDonnell, Vice President, for stepping in as host when I was unable to attend meetings
  • Alison Philips, Secretary, for her terrific minutes and thoughtful additions to our discussions
  • Maryann Bowen, Treasurer, for keeping track of our financial paperwork
  • Tom Glennan, for making sure that our election was held on time

Committee Managers.

These are generally committees of one. Thank you to

  • Deb Stacy, Job Board and ListServ Manager, for keeping us informed of job openings
  • Mary Jo David, Membership, for keeping track of the membership and making sure that we knew about and welcomed new members.
  • Jill Money and Sharon McDonnell for tackling the newsletter and our social media
  • Lisa Veasey for making sure that programming ran smoothly
  • Elise Neuhaus for making sure that our publicity went out

As Webmaster, I can report that the website is running smoothly; the newsletter/blog has been promoted to the home page position. The mobile menu for the static portion of the website has been debugged and uploaded. It’s pretty plain, but it is functional.

Interactions with Other Organizations

We co-sponsored World Usability Day in the D; co-hosted the Holiday mixer with Michigan CHI, and Michigan UXPA; and attended Ignite UX.

Leadership Conference

Sharon McDonnell and I will be attending the Leadership Program at the STC Summit in Columbus, Ohio.


Did you know that our membership extends from Lansing east to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and from Ortonville south to Toledo, Ohio?

If you would like to join STC, or still need to renew your membership, there is a reduced rate to join for the rest of the year. Remember to list the southeastern Michigan chapter as your local chapter.

Volunteers Needed

We would welcome some new volunteers. These are the positions that are open or opening up:

  • Educational Liaison
  • Archivist/Historian
  • Professional Liaison

Lastly, volunteer an opinion! We would love to hear from you about programs that you would like to see, places that would be good for networking meetings, and ideas for articles.