SUMMIT 2015 Vice President’s Report

By Sharon McDonnell

I imagine some of our chapter members would like to know if paying for the Vice President’s registration to the annual conference had any value. I certainly hope you think so, because I was very happy with my first STC conference. I got lots of great ideas and guidance for the upcoming year. Here are some of the sessions I attended on Leadership Day:

  • “Resource sharing for low volunteer communities” with David Caruso
  • “Awards and recognition” with Lori Meyer
  • “Succession planning and volunteers” with Ben Woelk
  • “Revitalizing your membership” with Christopher Ward
  • Changing of the Society guard
  • Awards presentations

Here are some of the other sessions I attended during the conference:

  • “How to Make Sense of Any Mess” with Abby Covert (information architect in NYC)
  • Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TC BOK): Contribution, Collaboration, and Best Practices”
  • “A Painless Introduction to Information Typing” with Dave Gash
  • Lightning Talks-Six different speakers on different topics:
    • “Tumble Dry Low: Clothing Tags”
    • “Saying Thank You and Saying I’m Sorry”
    • “The Risks and Dangers of Early Technology Adoption”
    • “You are Ignorant, Not Stupid”
    • “Great Free and Open Source Tools”
    • “My Journey Through the Mirror”


SUMMIT 2016 will be held in Anaheim, California May 15-18. Start planning your trip now. I think the SUMMIT is very informative as well as entertaining.

STC-SM is having two networking events in September. Come and network with members who attended the SUMMIT and discuss your experiences. More details about these networking events will be posted soon.