STC Summit 2016: Leadership Program Recap

Photo of Emily Alfson and Alison Phillips at the 2016 STC Summit
Emily Alfson (l.) and Alison Phillips (r.) at the 2016 STC Summit

Greetings from Anaheim, California! I’m here at the STC Summit and just attended the annual Leadership Program that kicks off the Summit each year. Some of the highlights were:

    • The basics of running a community — Emily Alfson (also an STC/SM member!) delivered an informative talk about some of the many tools available to STC members looking to gain information about running successful STC communities. These resources include the Community Handbook, the Treasurer’s Handbook, the STC website, the CAC website, social media, and more!

  • Utilizing social media — Rick Lippincott led a motivational session about utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to promote community events and expand membership. He inspired all of us to increase our social media presence and stay relevant in the larger conversation. Check out some of the Leadership Day and Summit posts! #STC16  
  • The Google ecosystem — Emily Alfson demonstrated some of the Google tools that can help us communicate within our communities and efficiently manage shared data. She showed us how the STC New England chapter has used Google Drive as well as Google Slides, Forms, Sheets, and Apps for Nonprofits to help organize their community activities.
  • Collaborating securely — Ben Woelk discussed useful tips that help keep our community data secure in the age of malware. His suggestions ranged from simple things like installing software updates and using 2-stage authentication, to the value of password managers (like LastPass) and backing up the data our communities store on the cloud.
  • Breakout sessions There were several breakout sessions on topics ranging from Adobe Connect to CAA and Pacesetter Award winners to social media. I also led a breakout session called “Using STC Webinars as a Springboard for Networking Events,” which focused on the activities that earned STC/SM a 2015 Pacesetter Award.

As this is my first time attending the STC Summit, I am excited to learn and absorb as much as possible. The programming and networking has been a great experience so far, and I look forward to the rest of the conference! More to follow!

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  1. Alison, thank you so much for sharing this, and thanks to you and Emily both for representing Southeastern Michigan so well. I’m disappointed to be missing the Sumit this year and am looking forward to hearing more when you return.

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