2015 Election Results

by Thomas Glennan, Nominations Chair
The results of the recent STC/SM election of officers for the 2015/2016 program year are summarized below.

  • Total number of ballots sent out on electionbuddy.com: 43
  • Total number of ballots cast: 11
  • % of members who voted: 25%
  • Based on the votes cast, the winning nominees for each office were:
    • President-Elect: Pat Martz
    • Vice-President-Elect: Sharon McDonnell
    • Secretary-Elect: Alison Phillips
    • Treasure-Elect: Maryann Bowen
        • Congratulations to the above elected officers, and thank you for running for office and being involved in the governance of our chapter.
          Although there were no pre-election nominations for the two open Nominations Committee member positions on the ballot, the names of two members were submitted as write-in candidates. One of the names was mine (Tom Glennan), but since I will continue to serve in 2015/2016 as the Immediate Past President and therefore am already the chair of this committee, my nomination is a moot point. The other member who was nominated as a write-in candidate has not yet responded to my email inquiry as to whether they will accept this nomination and election to the committee. I continue to wait for their response.

          In addition to nominating candidates to run for office, many members have volunteered for leadership positions within the various chapter committees and tasks. These members are listed below:

          • Emily Alfson (who recently rejoined our chapter after moving back from the New England chapter) has volunteered to serve as Membership Committee Chairperson.
          • Mary Jo David has volunteered for the blog/newsletter editor duties.
          • Angel Belford has volunteered for the website duties previously handled by Sharon McDonnell.
          • Elise Neuhaus has volunteered to continue handling the EventBrite meeting announcements and registrations.
          • Deborah Stacy has volunteered to continue in the listserv responsibilities role as it is currently defined.

          Thank you to all of the above volunteers for giving their time and energy in support of the chapter by serving in these critical roles. Please note that we still do not have a volunteer to lead the Program Committee for the 2015/2016 program year. If you are interested in serving in this position or assisting the committee, please contact one of the newly-elected officers above.

          Finally, the election ballot provided members with the option of suggesting topics for future STC/SM program meetings and events. The suggestions that were submitted included the following verbatim responses. These submissions have been provided to your STC/SM Council for their consideration.

          • More hands-on demonstrations of various tools and applications for publishing and editing would be good. Also anything more on Content Management Systems.
          • TechSmith
          • Agile development Localization Management: succession planning / hiring
          • Trends in Web publishing technology; highlights from STC annual meeting, new certificate programs (whether offered by STC or elsewhere).

          Tom Glennan
          STC/SM Immediate Past President