Announcing 2015-2016 Council Nominations

by Tom Glennan, Immediate STC/SM Past President

Along with cleaning out the garage, planting the garden, and (finally) taking down the Christmas decorations, spring is the time of year for STC-SM Council nominations. This is the perfect opportunity to get involved and contribute to your STC community, while also building your professional network, skills, and resume at the same time. And you get to meet and work with a great team of people in the process – what a deal!

The most significant opportunity – and the most critical, immediate need – is for volunteers to run for chapter officer positions (Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) as well as two elected (but non-officer) Nominations Committee positions. Note that since the Vice President normally transitions into the office of President the following year, which our current Vice President, Sharon McDonnell has confirmed she plans to do, the President for next year is already determined and does not need to be voted on.

Nominations are now open for the July, 2015- June 2016 program year elections, with voting planned for mid-May. If you have a chapter member in mind that you think would make a great officer (and that can include yourself!), we encourage you to send your ideas or any questions to or me, Tom Glennan, at Please note that candidates must be chapter members.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to elected office, there are plenty of other ways to get involved in chapter activities. For example, you can volunteer to manage or serve on one of our council committees, including Membership, Blog, Nominations, Programs, Publicity, and the Website. See “Volunteer Opportunities” on the chapter website, or contact any council member for more information.

Other ways to get involved include:

  • Join the chapter listserv and our groups on Facebook, and LinkedIn, and follow @STCSM on Twitter.
  • Attend a program meeting or networking event.
  • Serve as a greeter at a program meeting.
  • Host a networking lunch – or breakfast, or happy hour – in your local area.
  • Plan to attend all or part of the STC Summit, June 21-24 in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Ask your employer to sponsor a program meeting or other event. (Various levels of sponsorship are available, starting with simply providing meeting space free of charge.)
  • Write an article for the chapter blog.


The opportunity to serve, contribute to, and benefit from serving your STC chapter in the various ways listed above reminds me of my high school chemistry teacher’s admonition many years ago; that is, that you only get out of something what you put into in. Although he was actually referring to the amount of effort I should put into studying for an upcoming final exam, I have found that this bit of advice applies to just about anything that we do in life, including our chosen profession of technical communication. This is your opportunity to put more into your STC chapter so that you will benefit more from it. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.