February 17 Networking Event

Please join us on Wednesday, February 17, 2016, from 5:30pm-7:00pm for a casual networking event in Detroit.

Traffic Jam and Snug

Address: 511 W Canfield Street in Detroit. Phone: (313) 831-9470

RSVP by noon the day before: RSVP to Mary Jo David (profliaison@stc-sm.org) so we have enough seating reserved.

Meet other technical communicators or get reacquainted with those you already know. Feel free to bring a friend. (STC/SM membership is not a requirement to attend.) Do you have a discussion topic you’d like to throw out to the attendees? Bring it on! That’s the fun of these casual networking events–they’re free-form and friendly! There is no entrance fee, but everyone is responsible for his/her own dinner and drinks. When you arrive at the Traffic Jam, ask the host to direct you to the STC/SM table. Hope to see you there!