STC/SM Officer Nominations Update: May 6

by Tom Glennan, Immediate Past President, Nominations Committee Chairperson

The election of STC/SM chapter officers for the 2016/2017 program year will be underway soon, but we still have no nominations for the office of chapter secretary. We are also seeking candidates to fill the two elected (but non-officer) nominating committee member positions which are up for election each year. It is urgent that we find candidates to fill these positions to ensure the ongoing leadership for moving our chapter forward.

In its April 27th meeting, the STC/SM Council approved holding this year’s elections from Sunday, May 15th through Tuesday, May 31st. At the present time, Alison Phillips, our current secretary, has been nominated to run for vice-president, and Maryann Bowen has been nominated to run for a second term as treasurer. Since our by-laws call for the current vice-president, Sharon McDonnell, to assume the office of president for the coming program year, this leaves the secretary as the only office currently with no nominee. As previously mentioned, we are also still looking for candidates for the two elected (but non-officer) members of the nominating committee, which were unfilled in the current program year.

Please keep in mind that members are still welcome to nominate themselves or other members for positions that candidates have already been named for. All candidates, however, must be STC/SM chapter members.

I will be sending out an additional announcement once the election process is open and balloting is underway beginning May 15th. In the meantime, please contact me ( or any of the current chapter officers listed on our web page with any additional nominations, especially for the open position of secretary.