STC-SM’s Mentoring Program Through a Mentee’s Eyes

As I get closer to graduating and entering the professional world of technical communication, I feel increasing anxiety about taking this leap. However, being a part of the STC-SM mentorship program has lessened my anxiety and helped prepare me for this transition. I would expect my experience is common and this is one of the many reasons why I recommend others become mentees. Having someone to go to for advice, or to review job application materials, will make this process smoother. I feel like I have someone in my corner to help me, and I want others to experience that same support.

Aside from the support and advice I have received, I also feel as if I’ve gotten a glimpse behind the curtain. I now have a better understanding of what working in the field of technical communication could be like. As a result, I have a better grasp of what path I would like to pursue in my future career. Overall, I have a deeper understanding of the field of technical communication and some of the nuances of creating deliverables. The advice, lessons, and insight I have received through meeting with my mentor has supplemented my academic experience and given me an edge many of my classmates do not have.

The STC-SM mentorship program has been incredibly valuable to me. Learning from a professional who has the type of work experience I am interested in has helped me tremendously. Above all, I believe it is extremely important for experienced technical writers to pass down their knowledge and experience to the next generation. The STC-SM mentorship program facilitates this transfer of knowledge.