Volunteer Opportunities

The STC-SM chapter thrives from collaboration with our members, and that includes you! As an STC-SM member, you have the potential to help connect the STC-SM community through your active participation. If you are looking to gain leadership experience, receive feedback on your work, or even just grow your network of technical communicators, then STC-SM has some great opportunities for you.

We are looking for skilled, motivated, and caring individuals for a variety of positions within the chapter. These opportunities provide fantastic ways to help you grow and succeed as a technical communicator or as a leader.

We have several positions available. If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, please reach out for more information. We will help provide you with as much information and training as we can to help you perform these roles successfully.

Open Positions

The positions in this section are floating, meaning that you can try them out once or you can continue to do them throughout the year. They are all great resume boosters and ways to get your name out there within the STC/professional community. Read on to see what we have available!

Greeter and Event Registration

Needed: Now
What you’ll do: Greet and register attendees at chapter programs around the Greater Detroit Area.
Helpful experience or skills: Positive and cheerful attitude, organizational skills.
What you’ll gain: Grow your network of technical communicators and gain exposure to STC/STC-SM community members.

Blog Writer

Needed: Now
What you’ll do: Write blog posts for the STC-SM blog. This may include: attending programs and events hosted by STC-SM and writing about the topic and what you learned, attending free STC member webinars and writing recaps for the blog, writing book reviews, discussing topics/trends in tech comm, interviewing chapter members for member spotlight posts, etc. For more information, contact newsletter@stc-sm.org with your idea.
Helpful experience or skills: Any writing experience, through coursework, blogging, etc.
What you’ll gain: Peer-reviewed material by STC-SM council members and published work that you can use in your portfolio or to show potential employers.


Needed: Now
What you’ll do: Give a presentation on a topic related to technical communication. For all inquiries, submit your proposal to the council. If approved, the STC-SM council will sponsor, organize, and promote your presentation.
What you’ll gain: Presentation skills, such as confidence, deeper connections with your audiences, time management, and so on, feedback from your peers, and a greater network of professionals in the Greater Detroit Area.

Council Positions for the 2019–2020 Program Year

The following positions are generally one-year. For inquiries, please send an email to president@stc-sm.org.

Vice President

Needed: June 2019 (elections are held in May 2019)
What you’ll do: Support the president in all aspects of the chapter as needed and take over the president’s role in the following chapter term. Manage and submit the Community Achievement Award (CAA) application.
Helpful experience or skills: Experience as a technical communicator, self-motivated, and a positive attitude. Past leadership roles.
What you’ll gain: Leadership and organizational skills, deeper connections with the STC-SM council and the greater STC community.

Social Media Manager

Needed: June 2019
What you’ll do: Write and promote posts on Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and LinkedIn. Content for these platforms will include: STC-SM hosted networking events, programs, webinars, and other topics related to technical communication. You can use a scheduling tool, such as Hootsuite, to coordinate posts. Note: This position can be held for longer than one year.
Helpful experience or skills: Use of social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and/or LinkedIn.
What you’ll gain: Social media management skills, and UX/marketing writing skills.