Program Recap: Extended Reality and Tech Comm

On October 29, 2019, STC-SM hosted a program at Lawrence Technological University’s Centrepolis Accelerator. David Pollock, CEO of Mirari, walked us through the space, which included a Re’flekt XR station, 3D printers, a small shop to build products, and workspaces— all of which serve to connect businesses and students to drive innovation. Mirari became engaged with the facility from their work related to CAD/engineering model data consumption to produce lightweight 3D/CGI content for users. Users can then interact with the content quickly and easily on multiple devices for support and training.

XR and Business Solutions

David delivered Mirari’s vision of how XR can lead to potential solutions for multiple business applications, including training, product support services, virtual design collaboration, and space visualization. Extended reality (XR) encompasses augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR). Mirari uses Re’flekt to consume source data and author XR content for a product approach:

  • Reduces 3-D graphic size for improved performance on multiple devices.
  • Removes need to rework/redraw graphics by eliminating unnecessary math data to keep just the visual representation of product/parts for use in downstream products.
  • Increases efficiency and streamlines authoring efforts.
  • Extends the usability and value of support documentation.

We had the opportunity to view one of the engine products Mirari developed through a VR headset and engage with the model by expanding it, viewing part names, and moving objects.

Jeremy Eckhous presented an overview of how this technology fits into Industry 4.0 by enhancing the customer experience with immersive environments to extend product support, increase employee productivity, reduce required training time on new or unfamiliar products, and more! He also illustrated the Mirari project management approach to developing technical content development using AR authoring tools. A study by Accenture shows XR growing to a $100 billion industry by 2023.

Thank You!

Many thanks to David and Jeremy for sharing their vision and enthusiasm for this exciting technology and applications it provides to knowledge developers. We plan to host another session with them to review the authoring process using Re’flekt. We also recommend you check out the events at the Centrepolis Accelerator if you are interested in these innovations.