Start the New Decade with New Opportunities!

It’s not only a new year around the corner; it’s a new decade! Why not kick it off with a renewed sense of purpose in your personal and professional growth? STC-SM has a wealth of opportunities in 2020 for you to add a new volunteer role, council member title, or published article to your resume. Or perhaps you just want to expand your network and engage with other technical communicators? How about gaining leadership experience? Fortunately, our chapter offers ways for you to explore all of these areas, and more!

We’re looking for talented and motivated people like you to share your talents with our chapter in 2020 and grow with us throughout what promises to be an exciting year. We have opportunities for any level of commitment or experience that even busy students or professionals (like us) can handle. By taking on any of the following roles, you will not only build your résumé, but you will continue to hone your skills as a technical communicator, expand your connections within the professional community, and grow as a leader! Active participation pays dividends in the experience you gain when you take the leap and get involved.

One-time Opportunities

These positions are floating, meaning that you can try them out once or you can continue to do them throughout the year. They are great résumé boosters and ways to get your name out there within the STC/professional community.

Blog Writer

Needed: Now

What you’ll do: Write blog posts for the STC-SM blog. This may include: attending programs and events hosted by STC-SM and writing about the topic and what you learned, attending free STC member webinars and writing recaps for the blog, writing book reviews, discussing topics or trends in tech comm, interviewing chapter members for member spotlight posts, etc. For more information, contact our newsletter editor with your idea or to volunteer to write an article that is already on the editorial calendar.

Helpful experience or skills: Any writing experience, through coursework, blogging, etc.

What you’ll gain: Peer-reviewed material by STC-SM council members and published work that you can use in your portfolio or show to potential employers.


Needed: Spring, Fall, or Winter 2020

What you’ll do: Give a presentation on a topic related to technical communication. For all inquiries, submit your proposal to the council. If approved, the STC-SM council will sponsor, organize, and promote your presentation.

What you’ll gain: Presentation skills, such as confidence, deeper connections with your audience, time management, feedback from your peers, and a greater network of professionals in the technical communication community.

Leadership Opportunities

The following chapter leadership positions are generally one-year appointments. For inquiries, please email our president.

Publicity Manager

Needed: January 2020

What you’ll do: Promote chapter events and activities as well as other events in the community of interest to STC-SM chapter members. Work with the social media manager to increase public awareness of both our profession and the STC. This position can be done remotely.

What you’ll gain: Experience writing promotional material and working with publicity platforms like MailChimp, and an expanded network within and connection to STC and greater technical communication communities.

Council Positions (Election in May 2020)


Needed: June 2020

What you’ll do: Record meeting minutes for council meetings, remind council members of upcoming events, maintain the council contact information, and archive chapter materials as needed.

Helpful experience or skills: Technical writing experience and attention to detail.

What you’ll gain: Leadership and organizational skills, experience with chapter operations and responsibilities.


Needed: June 2020

What you’ll do: Manage the chapter’s budgets, funds, financial records, and all other financial operations.

Helpful experience or skills: Experience managing budgets and financial records, meticulous attention to detail, a deep sense of personal responsibility, and knowledge of MS Excel.

What you’ll gain: Leadership and organizational skills, experience managing funds and financial operations for a nonprofit, professional organization.

Vice President

Needed: June 2020

What you’ll do: Support the president in all aspects of the chapter as needed and take over the president’s role in the following chapter term. Manage and submit the Community Achievement Award (CAA) application.

Helpful experience or skills: Experience as a technical communicator, self-motivated, and a positive, team-focused attitude. Past leadership roles are helpful but not required.

What you’ll gain: Leadership and organizational skills, deeper connections with the STC-SM council and the greater STC community.